June 28th, 2022 (Tue) “Flexible Coding for Distributed Systems“, Prof. Zhiying Wang

May 26th, 2022 (Thu) “Mobile Edge AI: Signal/Image Processing Deep Learning Models as Real-Time Smartphone Apps” Prof. Nasser Kehtarnavaz

Jun 24th, 2019 (Mon) “Active Learning and Optimization for Next Generation Communication Networks” Prof. Tara Javidi

Dec 13th, 2018 (Thu) “Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning” Dr. Lan Nguyen

May 1st, 2018 (Tue) “Full Duplex, Low Power Systems, for High Throughput Communication and Computing Platforms” Prof. Ahmed Eltawil

Oct 17th, 2017 (Tue) “Distributed Space-Time Coding and Beamforming” Prof. Hamid Jafarkhani

Apr 19th, 2017 (Wed) “Massive MIMO Communications with One-Bit Quantization” Prof. Lee Swindlehurst

Feb 8th, 2017 (Wed) “Coding for Distributed Storage” Prof. Zhiying Wang

Dec 6th, 2016 (Tue) “The Connected Vehicle Revolution” Kay Das

Nov 9th, 2016 (Wed) “MU-MIMO, NOMA and D2D in 5G/IoT Wireless Systems” Dr. Rose Qingyang Hu

Oct 13th, 2016 (Wed)  Fifth Generation (5G) Cellular Wireless” Prof. Ender Ayanoglu